Breaking it down: Riverside, All-Star Music, or Pop Century?

I really wanted to do a price comparison between my top three choices for our family’s next Disney World trip: Port Orleans Riverside, All-Star Music, and Pop Century. We’re so in the early stages of planning that we haven’t even picked travel dates yet. So, I picked a random set of dates for our theoretical vacation and crunched the numbers. Note that in this scenario, we’re at Disney for five nights and six days. Here’s what I found:

A Family Suite at All-Star Music was about $150 more expensive than two standard rooms at Pop Century. If you can get the two rooms adjoining, this sounds like the best deal for a family of five. However, a standard room at Port Orleans Riverside was about $340 cheaper than booking two rooms at Pop Century.

If you want the most space for your dollar, booking two rooms at Pop Century is the way to go. If the lowest possible price is the bottom line, Riverside rules!

I’ve never stayed at All-Star Music, so I can’t comment on the resort itself. I have, however, stayed at Riverside and Pop Century, and enjoyed them both! Pop Century is a Value resort, with brightly-colored decor and everything we needed. Riverside is a Moderate resort, with a very relaxing vibe and lovely pools. I had heard that bus service to the Value hotels could be slower than at the Moderates, but we didn’t find this to be the case. We had no travel issues at either of these resorts, and enjoyed our stays at both. Really, when we’re at Disney, we are so on the go that all we need is a place to rest our weary heads at night.

That being said, I really love the laid-back atmosphere of Port Orleans Riverside. I think it’s safe to say that when the time comes to book our next Disney trip, this hotel will be at the very top of our list!


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