Walt Disney World in January – wonderfully surreal!

We live in upstate New York, so we’re used to tough winters. Now, I’ll admit that this particular winter has been much milder than usual, but traveling to a place that was forty degrees warmer than home was totally surreal. And wonderful!

I did a lot of research on typical Orlando weather in January, and found that there is no such thing as “typical.” Temperatures can vary wildly. I learned that the average high is 71 and the average low is 48, but this is just a guideline. The sources I checked indicated that we might need anything from shorts and t-shirts to winter coats, hats, and gloves. Keeping all of these possibilities in mind, I tried to make sure that ALL of my laundry was up-to-date so I could pack at the last minute (after one last check of the forecast).

We totally lucked out! Daytime temps were in the mid-70s, while evenings were generally in the 50s. Each morning, we dressed in shorts, t-shirts, and light jackets, threw pants in a backpack, and headed to the park. Our first stop was the locker rental place – there’s one near the entrance to each park – where we would stow our backpack (and sometimes our jackets) until we needed them at sundown.

One morning, before hitting Hollywood Studios, we took our boys to the fabulous pool (complete with water slide) at our resort. It felt unreal to be sitting by the pool, sipping a Coke, while the boys had a blast swimming – in January! As an added bonus, my mom kept me apprised of the snow storm that had hit right after we’d left home. I sent her pics of the kids swimming while she sent me pics of my snow-covered house!


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