Rides for Five: the Magic Kingdom

When the five of us are at Disney World, we often split into two smaller groups to accommodate everyone’s ride/food/bathroom/etc requests. But of course, sometimes we all just want to go on a ride together! Here are the rides at the Magic Kingdom that we find work very well for “more than four.” (I’ll get to the other parks in future posts.)

Walt Disney World Railroad: This ride has bench seating. For now, we all fit on one bench (2 adults, 2 tweens, and an 8-year-old). I have the feeling that before too long, though, we’ll have to spread out to two rows.

Jungle Cruise: Bench seating runs around the perimeter of the boat, making this ideal for larger-than-four groups.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Bench seating, and though we no longer fit in one row, at least we can all ride in the same boat!

Splash Mountain: Two people to a row, four rows to a log. One person will be alone in their row, but you’ll all be in the same log.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: When the kids were younger, we could fit two in one row and three in the next. Now, however, we’re spread out into: two in one row, two in the next row, and one in the next. Since this is a “runaway train” ride, we’re all in the same train and therefore feel like we’re riding together.

Liberty Square Riverboat: A paddlewheel boat ride. We’ve never actually been on this one with the boys (they’re too busy for a quiet boat ride!), but I’ve heard it works well for larger groups.

Haunted Mansion: For now, we can still fit two in one ride vehicle and three in another. We may end up in the 2-2-1 configuration if the kids get much bigger!

it’s a small world: Bench seating in a boat. Jut like in “Pirates,” we no longer all fit in one row.

Peter Pan’s Flight: Ditto what was said for Haunted Mansion.

Mad Tea Party: We split up so that there are two in one teacup and three in another.

Space Mountain: Three-person ride vehicles. So, you can fit two in one vehicle and three in another.

PeopleMover: Gone are the days when we could all fit in one car. The cars are linked together, however, so the kids can go in one car and the adults can go in the car behind. This way, we’re all riding in close proximity, but the kids feel like they have a bit of independence.

Most of the other rides seat two or four people per ride vehicle. In such cases, when traveling with a group of five, there is always an odd man out. You can still make this work by having the adults alternate which of them rides solo. Now that our kids are getting older, they sometimes prefer to be the solo rider. In any event, we’re never skipped a ride just because of seating limitations – we find a way to make it work!


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