Rides for Five: Epcot

Just like with my Magic Kingdom post, here’s a quick guide on which rides at Epcot work well for groups of five.

Ellen’s Energy Adventure: We haven’t actually been on this 45-minute ride with our kids since their time at any Disney park is way too fast-paced for a long, slow ride. However, my husband and I have been on it, and with long rows of seating, it would work just fine for 5+ people to ride together.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: We currently fit two in one ride vehicle, three in the next. This will likely change as the boys get older.

Soarin’: One of the most fantastic rides at any of the four parks, this ride is ideal for our family. The long rows of “hang-glider” seats allow all of us to sit together.

Living with the Land: Bench seating on a boat ride.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment: Each ride vehicle has 2 rows of bench seating. For now, we can fit two in one row and three in the next (or vice versa).

Test Track: We love this ride! Each car seats 6 people in 2 rows, so the five of us fit easily into one car.

Gran Fiesta Tour (Mexico Pavilion): Bench seating on a boat ride. We spread out into 2 rows.

Maelstrom (Norway Pavilion): Bench seating on a boat ride. Again, we use 2 rows.

As I noted in my last post, we never let seating restrictions stop us from going on a ride we really want to experience. Sometimes, we just have to get a little creative with our combinations of who goes with whom and in what order.


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