Our Favorite Disney Restaurants: Casey’s Corner

Whenever our family goes to Disney World, our first day is spent at the Magic Kingdom. And, at the Magic Kingdom, our first meal is spent at Casey’s Corner, located at the end of Main Street USA closest to Cinderella Castle. I’m not even sure how it started, but it has become our first-meal-at-Disney tradition. In fact, when we told our boys about our most recent trip to Disney, and asked them what they were looking forward to the most, their response was, “having a hot dog at Casey’s Corner!” Believe me, it’s pretty tough to get three kids with vastly different tastes to agree on ANYTHING, so this was a delightful surprise! But, upon thinking more about it, I totally understood what they meant. Each time at Casey’s, as we sit there eating and taking in the amazing sights of the World around us, we enjoy that glorious feeling of anticipation that comes with our first few moments at Disney, the entire trip laid out before us with its promise of one magical experience after another.

But that’s not the only reason we like this place. The food is really quite tasty, the service is fast (allowing us to get to the rides asap!), and the value is actually pretty good. Now, with a larger family like ours, we’re always trying to stretch our vacation dollars. At Casey’s Corner, we can share 3 or 4 meals between the 5 of us and all get plenty to eat. And, if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, there is no kids’ menu at Casey’s, so the kids get a full adult meal, and your dining plan only gets deducted for a kids’ meal (for children under 10).

Casey’s has plain hot dogs as well as fancier specialty versions. We’ve tried (and liked!) them all. The hot dogs come with apple slices or French fries. Or, you can indulge in the corn dog nuggets or ball park nachos, either of which is plenty of food for a meal in itself. There are the usual drink choices, as well as a few dessert items.

The only downside to Casey’s Corner is that the seating is very limited. It’s a good idea to have one adult and a couple of kids get the food, while the other adult and kid-helper hover for a table to open up. At super-busy times, we’ve resorted to plopping down on the sidewalk and picnicking right there. It doesn’t really matter to us, since we’re eating as fast as possible so we can start riding rides, but it would be nice if Disney could expand the seating area.

Let me know what you think of Casey’s, or if you have any “first moment at Disney World” traditions of your own!

BBQ Slaw Dog at Casey’s Corner. Yum!

Enjoying dessert! Note the piano player in the background.

The view from Casey’s Corner.

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