Our Favorite Disney Restaurants: Teppan Edo

Of the table-service restaurants that we’ve experienced at Epcot, Teppan Edo in the Japan Pavilion is our favorite (so far!). It’s almost more like a dinner show, where the chef cooks everything right at your table on a Teppan-yaki flat-surface grill. The boys were fascinated by the chef’s skill as he chopped, flipped, and chatted away. Their favorite part was the “volcano” made of stacked onion slices which emitted steam.

We also liked the communal dining style, where you get to know fellow vacationers. We ended up sitting at the same table as a honeymooning newlywed couple. The boys had fun talking with them about the trip and comparing notes on favorite rides.

We tried a variety of the menu items – from shrimp to scallops to chicken to steak. It was all quite tasty! However, as with most Disney table-service restaurants, the prices were steep. Since we’re a family of five and therefore don’t fit into a “standard” value room at Disney World, it’s very important that we stretch our vacation funds in other ways. As much as we enjoyed Teppan Edo, it’s not likely a place that we would return to unless we were able to take advantage of a free Disney Dining Plan special offer. Also, we don’t visit a lot of sit-down restaurants on our Disney trips as they simply take up too much time – in our opinion – when we could be going on rides. However, if you have both the time and the money to spend at a table-service place, I highly recommend this one.

An onion Mickey on the Teppan Edo grill!


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