12 for ’12: We’re going back to Disney!

Ok, so here’s what happened. We were booked to go to the Thousand Islands for our vacation this summer. That’s a lovely stretch of the St. Lawrence River between Upstate New York and Ontario, Canada, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the region (although I hear it’s a “world-renowned vacation paradise.”) Anyways, long story short, my husband found out that he had to work that week, the world-renowned vacation paradise was all booked up for the other time frame we had available, and I joked “maybe airfare to Orlando will go on sale.” Three days later, it did! By putting together cheap airfare and Walt Disney World’s late-summer-stay special offer, we managed to get another great deal! This will be my 12th trip to Disney World. Pretty appropriate for 2012, right!?

So, my Disney friends, what are your recommendations for this “bonus trip”? We have no preconceived plans, no ADRs, just plan on going with the flow – and would welcome any suggestions!


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6 Responses to 12 for ’12: We’re going back to Disney!

  1. Wow! I wish that happened when I tried to cost up a cheap trip to WDW!!
    Since you’re a large family why not take it in turns to choose what you do on a certain day, ie one child gets to choose the park, the attractions, the restaurant for one whole day, and then another child takes the next day etc etc. You never know what you might experience 🙂

    • HFBrainerd says:

      Great idea! Our kids’ ride preferences vary – since we have one wild rider, one mild rider, and one who is somewhere in between, we might have to tweak it a bit.

  2. dockfam says:

    Keep it on the cheap and stay at one of the fun value resorts. Use the extra $$ to plan some nice sit down family meals and maybe do a tour or two that you’ve never done? Have you ever been to Disney Quest at DTD? Boys would love that. This is our first year since 2003 that we have not been to a Florida destination for summer vacation. Thinking about trying to go to Disneyland around Thanksgiving though. I can’t have a completely Disney-less year!

    • HFBrainerd says:

      We’re staying at Riverside (cheapest place on Disney property that sleeps all 5 of us in a standard room). We’ve never done a tour, and I noticed that Behind the Seeds is very reasonably priced. Have you ever done that one? And Hawaii is a pretty good alternative to a FL vaca – hope you have a great time!

  3. Rent a pontoon boat at Fort Wilderness and boat around on Bay Lake and Seven Seas lagoon in front Magic Kingdom.

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