Disney Must-Do: Soarin’

This is, quite possibly, my favorite ride at Walt Disney World! (For me, it ties with the Haunted Mansion for top spot, but in the case of HM, it’s more for the nostalgia factor. I’ve loved that ride ever since I was a little girl!)

Soarin’ – located in the Land Pavilion at Epcot – takes you on a “glider” ride above California. An IMAX screen practically surrounds you as you swoop over oceans, forests, and much much more! You can even smell oranges as you soar over a grove – unbelievable!

We typically get fastpasses for this ride as soon as we enter Epcot. Even so, we’ve always had to wait a bit to board our gliders. Without a fastpass, however, the wait would be unbearable for our brood. On my brother’s recent trip to Disney World, he hit upon the perfect time to go on Soarin’: right when Illuminations is about to start. With everybody heading out to watch the fireworks, the Soarin’ line was actually short. We’ll have to try this tip some time!


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6 Responses to Disney Must-Do: Soarin’

  1. I know this attraction is still super popular but it’s actually on my ‘take it or leave it’ list! I’d love to hear why it’s a favourite of yours 🙂

  2. dockfam says:

    Soarin is a favorite in our family. It was priceless to see my mother’s reaction when she rode it for the first time and we were lifted off the ground. We hit EPCOT at rope drop and make a run for those FastPasses!

  3. davidwfraser says:

    My favorite part of this ride was the Patrick Warburton video before boarding.

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