Coping with Illness at Disney

On the Epcot day of our recent trip, I noticed that our youngest seemed a little quiet. When he did talk, it was to say that his legs hurt. Not his feet (which would be expected, what with all the walking), but his legs. He had no appetite. He had no particular opinion on what rides to do (when asked, he would just shrug and say, “whatever”). And, the ultimate clue for any mom, his eyes looked funny. Yes, he had what is known in my family as “sick eyes.” This prompted me to place my cheek to his forehead; it was hot. Granted, we were all hot (it was in the 90s that day), but he still felt hotter than he should have. We were eating lunch at the Mexico Pavilion, conveniently located near First Aid, so off he went for a temperature check. The result: 99.8 and a dose of children’s generic acetaminophen. Back at the room, my husband (who, as it turns out, had also been feeling a little under the weather, though he never complains about such things) and the little guy both slept the afternoon away. The big boys and I enjoyed a few more rides, had dinner, then went back to the room earlier than we probably would have if all five of us had been together at the park. This was okay, though, since it gave us a chance to go for a swim in Riverside’s lovely feature pool.

By the next morning, our son was fever-free and ready to go! I know that it could have been much worse, and that we were very lucky to have been hit with such a mild illness while on vacation, but it’s still good to know that having sickness strike at Disney World doesn’t necessarily mean disaster. With the help of the First Aid staff and a very comfortable room in which to recuperate, we were able to take it in stride.

Chillin’ back at the room.


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