Boy, do we love those Extra Magic Hours!

If you’re not sure what Extra Magic Hours are, check out this post. If you do know what they are, then you’ve probably experienced the joy of this benefit (which you can only take advantage of if you stay on Disney property) for yourself!

We’re not so good at the early-morning type of EMH (unless we happen to be going to Animal Kingdom that day, because the earlier you go on Safari, the better the experience will generally be). As our boys get older, however, we’re getting better and better at the nighttime EMH. Two trips ago, the latest we made it was 12:15 at Magic Kingdom. I thought that was pretty darn good. This last time, however, the boys knew that one of our Magic Kingdom days had Extra Magic Hours until 2 AM, and they were determined to take advantage of it!

We prepped for the late night by letting the boys sleep in for the two mornings preceding it, rather than dragging them out of bed by 7:30 like I usually do when we’re at Disney. I was too excited to sleep in those mornings; I was up early, ready to go, and strolled around Riverside while my brood snoozed.

Boy, were we ever on the go that day! It was one ride after another. And, I must say, we played the Fastpass game to perfection. We’d grab a Fastpass, go on other rides until we were close to the Fastpass return time (all the while making sure we were working our way over to our next Fastpass ride of choice), grab a Fastpass for that ride at the earliest possible moment, then go back and use the previous Fastpass, and repeat. Let me tell you, it was exhausting but awesome! Yes, it was exhawsome!!!

Some time in the late afternoon, those of us who needed a rest went to the Hall of Presidents. Now, I’m not knocking this attraction; in fact, I quite like it. It’s just that, with its comfy seats, air conditioned theater, and quiet pace, it’s the perfect place to catch your breath.

The park closed at eleven, and the Extra Magic fun began! By midnight, things were going good. We were tired, but hanging in there. By twelve-thirty, I hit a wall. My body told me, quite emphatically, that it was time for me to go to sleep. Being epileptic, I have to listen to my body when it tells me something like that. So I left my husband and the boys to enjoy the rest of the Magical evening, and practically sleep-walked back to the room.

The boys actually made it to 2 AM, and were so proud of themselves! My husband somehow managed to keep up with them – is he a great dad, or what!?

Do you prefer morning or nighttime Extra Magic Hours? Or do you parkhop to take advantage of both?

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