Disney and Star Wars: two great things that go great together!

The goal of this blog is very specific: helping families of five or more navigate Walt Disney World. But sometimes, I digress. This is one of those times.

I simply must share with you this article about the Walt Disney Company purchasing Lucasfilm. Yes, George Lucas is selling to Disney, and as both a sci fi geek and a Disney nerd, I couldn’t be more excited! I love what WDW has done with the Star Tours upgrade, and the Indiana Jones stunt show at Hollywood Studios is a must-do for our family. With Disney owning both of these film franchises, will they expand on these two themes? I sure hope so!

A couple of months ago, I read rumors about a possible expansion coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At the time, it was speculated to be an Orlando version of the new Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure park. Given this new information, could the rumored expansion really be Star Wars or Indiana Jones-themed? Or, even better, could a big overhaul of the park incorporate all three of these franchises? Time will tell!

May the magic be with you!


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