Disney for Two?

I ran into an old friend at WDW this year. Aside from the fact that it was totally surreal to actually see someone I knew among that mass of strangers, what struck me about our brief catch-up visit was this: she specified that she and her family were there on a “trip,” not a “vacation.” Her reasoning was that vacations are relaxing, and Disney World is anything but.

I understand what she meant. When I leave WDW, I’m completely exhausted: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’ve been trying to keep up with three very busy boys for a week (or so), brokering peace when necessary (I’m very glad I took those negotiations classes when I worked in the insurance industry – though at the time I didn’t realize I’d need them in my career as a mom), enduring heat and humidity and thunderstorms, trying to make sure that everyone gets to do everything they want to do before we run out of time, and – the big one – helping them through the let-down of boarding the Magical Express on its way back to the airport. By the time we get home, we need at least a week to recover. Not that I’m complaining; it’s just that I get what my friend meant about Disney being a lot of work.

Sometimes, I think about the days when it will be Disney for Two, instead of Disney for Five. With our oldest now in junior high, the days of Disney-trips-for-two suddenly seem not so far away. Will it be nice to not have to rush madly from one attraction to the next, to sit and enjoy a nice meal rather than grabbing a quick hot dog, and maybe even visit a spa or play a round of golf? It sounds nice. Relaxing. Serene. And maybe it will be. But I think I’ll be longing for the days of trying to keep up with three busy boys as they race around the World trying to experience it all. That’s a kind of magical energy you can’t find anywhere else.


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2 Responses to Disney for Two?

  1. As you know, we’ve just returned from a Disney ‘trip’ / ‘vacation’ / ‘holiday’…and it was just the two of us. Despite not rushing from place to place, and not having children with us, I still returned home physically and emotionally drained!!! I sometimes think that if you’re able to visit the World several times a year it helps ‘cope’ with each trip…it’s a theory I hope to test one day!

    • HFBrainerd says:

      We were lucky enough to go to WDW twice this year… and felt that glorious sense of urgency both times! I think there’s just something about being at Disney – no matter how often I go – that makes me eager to get up and out early each day, and to stay out as late as I possibly can each night. Hence the exhaustion when I get home. 🙂
      Looking forward to your posts about your recent trip!

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