Disney Classic: Haunted Mansion

photo: Wikipedia

When the topic of classic WDW rides came to mind, I decided to start with my favorite, the Haunted Mansion in the Liberty Square area of Magic Kingdom. This is a fun ride through a not-very-scary haunted house. The Disney website states that this ride is appropriate for all ages, but I can speak from experience when I say that smaller kids may be scared by it. The 999 happy haunts that you see on this ride are not all that scary – they’re actually pretty goofy – but when you combine the concept of ghosts with a dark setting and creepy music (in a Danny Elfman-esque kind of way), little kids can get a bit freaked out.

This ride has an interactive queue, but only if you take the line that winds around to the left. The right-hand line goes directly to the mansion’s entrance. The interactive queue is pretty cool, with activities to keep you (and, more importantly, your kids) busy while you wait. Again, the activities are spooky-themed, but not truly scary.

My favorite part? The hitchhiking ghosts at the end, who wind up right in your doom buggy with you!

What’s your favorite Disney classic ride?


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2 Responses to Disney Classic: Haunted Mansion

  1. Haunted Mansion really is a wonderful attraction! My favourite classic has to be ‘its a small world’

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