Disney Classic: it’s a small world

Oh my, what can I say about this delightful boat ride? Cute kids, colorful costumes, catchy tune, all on a ride that lasts longer than most. I just love it!

The first time we took the boys to Disney World, my husband made a video while we were cruising gently through “small world.” After hearing the, um, rather repetitive song many times over, he asked each of us in turn, “what kind of world is it?” and filmed our answers.

My answer: it’s a small world.

Boy #1: it’s a small world.

Boy #2: it’s a small world.

Boy #3 (who was five at the time): um…. a jungle? A forest? A jungle!

Dad: Is it a small world?

Boy #3 again: Oh yeah!

I guess you had to be there, but it was pretty darn cute!

There’s some nice background information on the history of this famous ditty on the Disney World website. And remember, it’s a small world after all.


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