Disney Classic: Jungle Cruise

It was our first family trip to Disney World. We arrived at the Magic Kingdom during a June thunderstorm. The five of us crowded under the two umbrellas that we’d (thankfully!) brought and meandered our way down Main Street. After a quick bite at Casey’s Corner (it was afternoon and we had three hungry boys on our hands), we continued our wandering, ending up in Adventureland. At that point, though I’d been to WDW many times as a kid, I hadn’t been back in exactly twenty years. That’s right, there was a dry spell from 1989 to 2009. So everything looked kind of familiar, but in a surreal sort of way, like I was walking through a dream. Not sure where to start, we stood there in the middle of Adventureland, cowering under our umbrellas and studying a park map. That was when a Cast Member took pity on us. Obviously noticing our confusion, she strolled over and asked if she could help. We explained that we’d just arrived and didn’t really know where to begin. She recommended the Jungle Cruise—her personal favorite attraction, which we happened to be standing near—and even gave us a hand-written FastPass! We thanked her and headed that way.

This was a great first ride for our first family Disney trip! It feels kind of like taking a boat ride through a classic Disney movie. The animatronic animals are cute, the foliage is lush, and the skipper is always entertaining. Plus, as we boarded our boat we must have looked really bedraggled, because they let us keep our special FastPass. We were able to use it later that day to ride Peter Pan’s Flight. Despite the rainclouds, it was a wonderful first day!

Cruisin' in the rain!

Cruisin’ in the rain!


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