Rooms with more room: the sleeping space situation.

Until recently, our family of five could get away with 3 sleeping spaces, thus allowing us to fit into a “normal” hotel room. (Two in one bed, two in another bed, and one on a couch or cot. I once resorted to sleeping on a folded duvet on the floor; don’t ask!) Two weeks ago, however, we found that our 3 boys no longer fit into 2 beds; they’re so big now that they each need their own sleeping space. (Also, they think that sharing a bed with a sibling is “awkward.” Whatevs.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t find this out until we were actually AT the hotel on our recent weekend getaway, and the room only had 3 sleeping spaces. Fortunately, we had brought along an air mattress, just in case. Unfortunately, the kid who used the air mattress ended up rolling off the mattress and sleeping on the floor. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to mind. Maybe he was too sugared up on melted KitKats to notice. But that’s another story.

Anyhoo, the experience made me VERY glad that we’ve booked an All-Star Music Family Suite for our next Disney trip. With a queen bed in the master bedroom and THREE pull-outs in the living room (a couch, a chair, and an ottoman—and yes, poor little air mattress dude will probably end up with the ottoman), we’ve achieved the magical sleeping space number of FOUR!

In preparation for future trips (IE in case ottoman boy refuses to ever sleep on a pull-out ottoman again), I researched the various options at Disney World that will give us those four lovely sleeping spaces, thus ensuring family harmony. In case this is an issue for your family, too, here’s what I found:

(Note that all prices are for 2013 Value Season 2 and include 7 day Magic Your Way Park Hopper tickets for 5 people, just because that’s what we’re doing this year. Hey, I had to start somewhere!)

In the “family suite” category, we have All Star Music Family Suites (1 queen bed plus 3 fold-outs) for $3410.79 (though we paid less than this thanks to a Special Offer Code). Yes, Art of Animation’s Family Suites are newer, nicer, and bigger, but they only have 3 sleeping spaces!

Family Suites are found in the Calypso and Jazz buildings at All Star Music.

Moving on, we have the “2 connecting rooms” category. The problem with this option is that, although I’ve heard that Disney makes every effort to oblige connecting room requests, they are not guaranteed. We could end up with 2 non-connecting rooms, meaning that the 2 adults would each have to take a separate room and divide up the kids between us. Since we’re the only two people in our family who are willing to share a sleeping space, this would defeat the whole purpose. But, just for kicks, I priced out this option at a couple of different resorts. At Pop Century, you can get 2 rooms, each with 2 double beds, for $3406.60. This is the most budget-friendly of all options described herein, though the All Star Music suites are a REALLY close second. I decided to also price out 2 connecting rooms at Port Orleans French Quarter, a moderate resort that I’d like to stay at some day. Two rooms here (for a total of 4 queen beds) would be $4351.60.

Now, on to the big bucks! I priced out all of the “two bedroom deluxe villa” options thusly:

  • Both Saratoga Springs and Old Key West: $6138.04
  • Both Beach Club and Boardwalk: $6867.16
  • Wilderness Lodge: $6941.32
  • Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort (lake view): $7083.16
  • Kidani Village (savanna view): $7474.60

The two bedroom villas have a king bed in the master bedroom, either 2 queen beds or a queen bed and a pull-out couch in the second bedroom, and a pull-out couch (and, in some cases, a pull-out chair) in the living room. Of these, the only one we’ve stayed at is Saratoga Springs. For that trip, seven of us shared a two bedroom villa and it worked out very nicely. However, with our new refusing-to-share-beds issue, we’d need our own two bedroom villa just for the 5 of us.

Does your family require plenty of sleeping spaces? How have you dealt with this when visiting Disney World? I’d love to learn from your experiences!


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2 Responses to Rooms with more room: the sleeping space situation.

  1. our5girls says:

    Thanks for your post! We have a family of 7 and are currently trying to plan our vacation to Disney. We have resorted to an off-site condo because of the space limitations at Disney for larger families. This is a problem with most hotels around the country with our large family (we need two hotel rooms and they never guarantee adjoining rooms). We have stayed at various hotels at Disney before having 5 children and enjoy staying on the grounds. If anyone has any information on ticket deals for larger families it would be much appreciated! 🙂

    • HFBrainerd says:

      Thanks for stopping by! We always stay on-site at WDW, so I don’t have much information about off-site accommodations, but it sounds like you’ve got that covered for your upcoming trip. For future trips, you might want to consider David’s Vacation Club Rentals ( I haven’t used them, but have heard from multiple sources that it’s a good way to rent a Disney World DVC villa for a reduced price (compared to booking it with WDW directly). As far as ticket deals go, I understand that Undercover Tourist is very good ( If you haven’t already, check out for more money-saving Disney tips – I’ve learned a lot from them!

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