Disney’s All-Star Music Resort: I’m smitten!


I must admit, I had my doubts. We’d become accustomed to the lush beauty of Port Orleans Riverside, and I was a bit worried that a value resort wouldn’t measure up. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!

Our family of five used to fit into the Alligator Bayou section of Port Orleans Riverside, where the rooms have two queen beds plus a small Murphy bed. Now that our three boys are getting older (and think that sharing a bed with a sibling is ‘awkward’), I had to find a new place for us. After doing a fair amount of research, we decided on All-Star Music for their family suites.

Of course, I checked out lots of pictures of the family suites before booking it. They looked decent. In reality, it was so much more than decent! Compared to a standard room, the suite felt huge. Our first night there, I said to my husband, “I feel like we’re staying in the Presidential Suite at the Contemporary!” Okay, so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but the suite really did feel big.

The living room.

The living room.

The living room as the boys'  bedroom!

The living room as the boys’ bedroom!

The living room/boy's bedroom TV and storage. There was plenty of room for all of their stuff!

The living room/boy’s bedroom TV and storage. There was plenty of room for all of their stuff!

The master bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The desk in our room (yes, my husband worked while we were here!)

The desk in our room (yes, my husband worked while we were here!)

My husband and I loved having our own bedroom, and the boys liked the fact that they each had their own pull-out in the living room (a couch, a chair, and an ottoman). In order to fit all three of their beds along one wall, we first moved one end table as close to the exterior wall as possible, then moved the couch as close to that table as we could. After moving the chair as close to the other end of the room as possible, we were able to fit the ottoman bed between the couch and chair. Oh, and there was another end table that we had to move; we just put it near the kitchen, where it became our sunscreen station.


Yes, we had a kitchen! It had a small fridge, small sink, microwave, coffee maker, and lots of storage space. It even came with paper plates and bowls, and plastic cups and utensils. We took breakfast food and snacks with us, and picked up milk at the hotel store, so we had everything we needed right there in our room!

Plus, the suites have ample closet space and TWO bathrooms! That alone made the suite (versus a standard room) worth it. We were able to get ready in the morning so much faster with two bathrooms at our disposal.


The grounds were lovely, as well. Our first morning there, while the rest of my family was getting ready, I took a stroll around the resort and snapped a few pictures. The landscaping is really pretty, and the oversized music icons are very kid-pleasing.

The fountain between the two Jazz buildings. Lovely!

The fountain between the two Jazz buildings. Lovely!

The Broadway Hotel.

Broadway Hotel

Country Fair

Country Fair

Rock Inn

Rock Inn

Calypso - where we stayed!

Calypso – where we stayed!

We enjoyed both of the pools at this resort: the large guitar-shaped pool and the smaller (though still quite big) piano-shaped pool. They didn’t have water slides (like our previous resorts), but we honestly didn’t miss them.

And one last thought on the theme… it occurred to me that “music” is a very Disney theme. From the old Silly Symphonies to the iconic Disney musicals to Radio Disney, music is almost synonymous with Disney. And everywhere you go in each of the parks, music is playing in the background, chosen to enhance the atmosphere of whatever area that you’re in. Staying in a resort that was music-themed added a further dimension of Disney magic to our vacation.

As we were (sadly) leaving All-Star Music, the very nice bell man said to my husband, “See you next year?” His response: “You bet!” Yay!!


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4 Responses to Disney’s All-Star Music Resort: I’m smitten!

  1. Barb says:

    What building were you in? I think I was near some family suites near 2618 in the Jazz building to the right of the pool when leaving the lobby.

    • HFBrainerd says:

      Hi Barb! We were in Calypso building 1. There are family suites in both the Calypso and the Jazz buildings. I’ve heard that the Jazz buildings are quieter, since they are a bit farther from the pools, but our suite was nice and quiet. We were on the back-facing part of the building, overlooking a lovely stand of trees.

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