FastPass+ update 2

You may have heard of the new attraction reservation system that Disney World is currently testing. The new system, FastPass+, allows you to reserve rides, shows, and character greetings up to two months ahead of your vacation. Eventually, this will replace the old “paper FastPass” system, in which one person in your party collects everyone’s park tickets, runs to the ride you all want to go on, feeds the park tickets into a FastPass machine, collects the paper FastPasses that are spit out, runs back to rejoin the rest of the party, and then you all go on the aforementioned ride at the time designated on the paper FastPass. This system works, but makes for lots of running around the park. (Well, at least for us parents. The kids love it.) Disney must have noticed us harried parents constantly running around the parks collecting FastPasses, hence the new FastPass+ system.

Here’s how the current FastPass+ testing breaks down:

  • You get 3 FastPass+ reservations per day.
  • You can only make FastPass+ reservations at one park per day.
  • At Animal Kingdom, you cannot use paper FastPasses. At the other parks, you can still use both.
  • Some parks are on a “tier system” in which you can only reserve one “headliner” ride per day.

My son just got back from an 8 day trip to Disney World. (Lucky boy!) Since he’s the first in our family to try out the new FastPass+ (still in testing phase), I asked him for his thoughts on the matter.

What do you think about FastPass+?

I don’t like it as much as the old FastPass.

What were the good things about it?

Just that it guarantees that you get to do a ride at least once.

What didn’t you like about it?

You didn’t get as many FastPasses.

If they increase the FP+ limit to more than 3 per day, will this help?


Well, there you have it. From a 13-year-old’s perspective, FP+ is a step backwards. He liked the fact that, since it’s still in the testing phase, he was still able to get paper FastPasses in addition to using his FP+ reservations. (For most parks. While he was there, Animal Kingdom was not giving out paper FPs. You could only use the FP+ system, limiting you to 3 FPs per day. He didn’t like this at all. In fact, his description of this situation was, “it was terrible.”)

I like to remain optimistic. Hopefully, when the testing phase is over and FastPass+ is fully rolled out, we will be able to book more than three FP+ reservations per day, and use FP+ reservations at more than one park per day. Time will tell.

My FastPass+ tester wearing his MagicBand.

My FastPass+ tester wearing his MagicBand.


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