So, how’d I do on my Disney to-do list?

Short answer: pretty darn good. We didn’t get to everything on the list, but we added a couple of items. Here’s a quick tally; more detailed reviews to follow.

1. Try the school bread at Norway that everyone is talking about. Done!
2. Try the new croissant-donut at Epcot’s Refreshment Port and compare it to the school bread. Done!
3. Eat at Tutto Gusto in Italy. Done!
4. Eat at Monsieur Paul (the former Bistro de Paris) in France. Done!
5. Actually watch IllumiNations. Done!
6. Eat at the new Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge at DHS. Done!
7. Eat lunch at Be Our Guest. Done!
8. Have one of those famous WDW cupcakes. Done!
9. Go on Expedition Everest after dark. Nope. (I knew this was a long shot, as Animal Kingdom wasn’t even on our itinerary.)
10. And last but certainly not least, test out the FastPass+ system. Done!

After I posted the above list on 1/3/14, I added: eat at the brand-new Spice Road Table and ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. We did both!

So, final tally, 11 out of 12. Not bad for a long weekend! What’s on your next Disney to-do list?

Chillin' at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. Cheers!

Chillin’ at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. Cheers!


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13 Responses to So, how’d I do on my Disney to-do list?

  1. marsharwest says:

    Love this, Heather. Sounded like you did a lot of eating! Haven’t been but once and it was when girls were in elementary school. One of the best things we learned beforehand was to get in the left hand line. It really speeded things along for us. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. The Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster is my favourite ride ever! Glad you had fun!

  3. emlmyers says:

    Glad you had a good time – you’re much braver than me to go on RnR!

  4. Rhiannon says:

    What did you think of the school bread? That was on my to-do list back in September for the first time. Sadly, I did not think it lived up to the hype! Then, again, I hate dried coconut flakes, so perhaps it was doomed to fail.

    Riding Everest in the dark is definitely on my to-do list for next week! And barring any unforeseen disasters, we ought to be able to do it with Animal Kingdom not closing until 8 some nights!

    • I liked the school bread a lot. But… my expectations had been lowered after I read that you weren’t so keen on it. So thanks!

      I really wanted to do Everest in the dark, but just couldn’t jam it into my already overly ambitious itinerary. Have fun next week!

  5. rrhiannon99 says:

    We tried to do a cupcake tour of Disney on our last visit and forgot after the first two cupcakes…next time we’ll remember! Hopefully!

  6. disneywithme says:

    I’m REALLY looking forward to finding out what you think of Spice Road Table! I’ve had my eye on that place ever since they first announced it. My kind of menu. But I hope it lives up to my excited expectations! I’m VERY interested in Be Our Guest, as well, but I’ve read other reviews of that… Spice Road is new enough that I have almost nothing to go on!

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