FastPass+ update 3

With paper FastPasses now a thing of the past, it’s time to start using FastPass+ whether you like it or not. I won’t rehash the differences between the old FP system and the new FP+ system (though Touring Plans does a great job of that here). I just want to share my recent FP+ experience with you.

Goodbye, old friends.

Goodbye, old friends.

1. Making FP+ reservations pre-trip: Using My Disney Experience, I was able to do this 60 days before my vacation. This time frame may change as the system is tweaked. For now, only guests staying at a Disney World on-site resort can make their FP+ reservations ahead of time. Everyone else can make them when they arrive at the park, using FP+ kiosks. I was able to make 3 FP+ reservations per day for only one park per day. For some parks (as of this writing, Epcot and Hollywood Studios), there was a “tier” system where I could only choose one “headliner” ride per day.

2. Changing FP+ reservations pre-trip: This was relatively easy, though it did involve some redundant steps. (A more thorough post on this to follow.) It seems like this process could be streamlined. On the upside, I had no trouble getting the ride reservation times that worked best for us.

3. Using FP+ ride reservations: Just touch your MagicBand to the Mickey icon at the FastPass return entrance of the ride, tap it to another Mickey icon once you’re closer to boarding the ride, and you’re good to go. “Tap and go, people, tap and go!” is the new Cast Member mantra. Not the warm fuzziness we expect from CMs, but it did keep the FastPass return line moving swiftly. We only experienced one glitch where the MagicBand reader didn’t recognize our ride reservation. Fortunately, I had printed our FP+ itinerary and kept it in my purse. I simply showed it to the CM, and she let us proceed.

4. Changing FP+ reservations “on the fly”: This is how Disney touts the flexibility of the new system. The one time I tried to change a FP+ reservation on the fly (from the monorail), I was unable to use the My Disney Experience app on my smartphone because the signal kept dropping. So I guess this part of the system needs a little work.

Overall, we liked the new system. It would be nice if you could use more than 3 FP+ reservations per day, use them in more than one park per day, and book more than one headliner ride per day. I won’t miss the days of running around the park collecting paper FastPasses for the family, or of arriving at a park after all of the paper FastPasses for the “good” rides are gone. I really do think that, with some tweaks, this new system will work for us.

What are your thoughts on the new FP+ system?


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6 Responses to FastPass+ update 3

  1. J.Q Rose says:

    I didn’t realize Disney had changed the FP program till reading your informative post here. I remember the days of sending one of the party off to collect the FP’s for another ride…usually clear across the park AND you couldn’t get a FP until after a certain time period of riding a ride with a FP. It will be interesting to try this new method out. Alas we have no smart phone so I’ll definitely have to bring along a kid!

  2. Things sure have changed since we went to Disney World. We were able to use the Fast Pass I think numerous times. Three times in a day doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it’s something.

    We try to go off season when the lines are minimal. I remember once just walking on the Pirates of the Caribbean and other rides.

    Great post, Heather!

    • You’re right on both counts, Susan: three FPs per day isn’t enough, and going in the off-season is great if you can do it. We like to take our boys in late August, when most school districts have started back up for the year but ours hasn’t. Crowds and wait times are significantly lower, which is really nice.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Loren says:

    Once I took my kids to Disneyland on a weekday in January, and we didn’t have to wait in line for even one ride! We did so much that day, that at the end, I couldn’t recall WHAT we did. System overload. Who knew there was an upside to waiting in line?
    Glad to hear they’ve updated their FP system. My poor husband was always sent running from one end of the parks to the other.

    • Yeah, it was a lot of work being the FastPass “runner.” My husband and I have both done our share of that. Despite its restrictions, I think I might grow to like the new FP system.
      And, you’re right, sometimes waiting makes you appreciate things more. 🙂

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