Castle Plaza Renovations

Disney fandom has been all abuzz with news of the renovations coming to the “hub” between Cinderella Castle and Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s a brief video from the Disney Parks Blog.

Naturally, this got me to thinking about how the new layout will compare to the current one. So I did a little comparison:

Current plaza area (click to enlarge).

Current plaza area (click to enlarge).

Concept are for new plaza area (click to enlarge).

Concept art for new plaza area (click to enlarge).

I think this is a fantastic idea, especially for big families like ours. If you’ve ever tried to get through the hub area during (or right before or after) a parade or show, you know that the area is jam packed at those times. It can be a real challenge for just two people to stick together while making their way through the crowd, much less keeping a larger group intact. With the expanded walkways that are planned, I’m hoping this will make for easier pedestrian traffic flow. And, since Casey’s Corner is our family’s first-meal-at-Disney tradition, I’m thrilled with the additional seating area for that restaurant.

What are your thoughts on this latest change?

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2 Responses to Castle Plaza Renovations

  1. Kyle Newton says:

    I think it will be a nice change but I will miss the old Swan boat area

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