Double Nominations for The Liebster Award

liebster award

For those of you who aren’t aware of it (which would include me, prior to this afternoon), The Liebster Award is a blogger-to-blogger honor. Today, I received TWO separate nominations for this award within a half hour of each other. How cool is that!?

Now, the rules say that I have to link back to the blogger(s) who nominated me, answer the 11 questions given to me by the nominating blogger, and choose 11 more bloggers to nominate. The first one I can do, no problem! Many thanks to Disney to Infinity and Beyond and Disney World Enthusiast for nominating me!

The second one is a bit trickier… two sets of 11 questions each… hmmm… I like to keep my blog posts short and sweet. How about if I answer my favorite question from each of the two lists? Here we go!

1. from Disney to Infinity and Beyond: Coke or Pepsi? That would be a resounding vote for Coke! Not only does it taste better, but Pepsi used to be a client of mine back in my insurance days. They were a bit, um, high maintenance.

2. from Disney World Enthusiast: What are you doing today in another universe, if parallel universes actually exist? I love parallel universes. I love Disney. Therefore, in my parallel universe, I am no doubt a Disney Princess.

Okay, now for the third rule… nominating 11 other bloggers. Here’s a list of blogs I enjoy. Some are Disney-related, others are not. If these bloggers want to play along, great! How about if they answer the two questions I just answered above? Plus one of my own: What is your favorite place in the world? Whether they have time to participate or not, I still recommend checking them out!

Living a Disney Life

The Dis Life

Drinking Disney

My Disney Addiction

Just a Dad with Disney Questions

Stuart R. West

Mary Waibel

Heather Greenis

Susan Bernhardt

Helena Fairfax

JQ Rose


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10 Responses to Double Nominations for The Liebster Award

  1. just a dad says:

    Thanks for including me in the list! I probably won’t be doing one of these on my blog as a post…trying to keep on my overall topic but I really appreciate being included in your list!

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination, Heather! And what a great list of bloggers to find myself in! The first question’s easy – because the answer is neither! It’s definitely tea all day for me 🙂
    But the question about the parallel universe is a lot harder. I’ll have to have a long hard think about that one, and try and decide what I’d like best in all the possible worlds. Decisions, decisions! Thanks again for the nomination, and the interesting questions!

  3. J.Q. Rose says:

    Hi Heather, Hey what an honor to be included on your list. Thank you! I knew you were into Disney stuff after you were a guest on my blog, but I didn’t know so many other folks knew it too! LOL…So cool to be nominated twice within half an hour. You go, grrrlll!! I’ll post my answers on my blog next week. BTW–Diet Coke!!!

  4. Mary Waibel says:

    Thanks for including me Heather! Hmm. Coke or Pepsi? And alternate universes? I love them, too! I’ll post my reply soon!!!

  5. Heather G says:

    better late then never. Thanks for the nomination
    Coke or pepsi – neither. Far too sweet. Ginger-soda for days the stomach isn’t happy. Tea, water and cranberry juice.
    Another universe, I’d be a ruler. I have a problem with personal greed.
    I’ll post on my blog

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