Disney Must-Do: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

I’ve been going to Disney World since I was a little girl. During my many visits, I’d ridden all of the roller coasters.

Except one.

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios was my nemesis. This coaster and I had a complicated relationship; we danced a tango of temptation and trepidation. I wanted to ride that coaster, but I was scared.

Sure, our son rode it as soon as he was tall enough, and loved it. Sure, I watched gray-haired parties standing in line, eagerly anticipating the ride I was too chicken to attempt. Sure, I’m a Disney fan AND a thrill-rider. So why couldn’t I bring myself to get in that line?

What it came down to, I realized, was my claustrophobia. I don’t like rides that have an over-the-shoulders type of safety bar. Rather than making me feel safe, they make me feel trapped.

On our most recent trip to Disney World, the last paper FastPasses we were able to obtain (EVER!) were for – you guessed it – the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Would I screw up my courage and finally conquer this ride, or would I let my last-ever paper FastPass go to waste?

I rode it!

rockin'roller coaster

And it was awesome. The FastPass return line moved along fast enough that I was able to maintain my pre-ride composure. Once seated in the ride vehicle and locked into the dreaded shoulder harness, we were soon moving. And boy, did we move fast! So fast, in fact, that I didn’t have time to freak out over the restraint. I screamed with delight and kept my eyes wide open, trying to soak up every sight, sound, and sensation. It was glorious!

And then it was over. Our vehicle came to a halt, and we waited for it to be our turn to disembark. That’s when the claustrophobia set in. Sitting there in the stock-still ride vehicle, clamped into place, I felt panic start to rise. Fortunately, my husband knew exactly what I was thinking, and kept me busy talking until we were released from the ride vehicle.

Would I recommend this ride? Definitely.

Will I go on it again? I hope so!

How do you feel about the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster?


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5 Responses to Disney Must-Do: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

  1. greenlisa9989 says:

    What a great story! Looks like the screaming was loud, but in a happy way. I don’t have a problem with tight places, but that harness has caused me some anxiety a time or two.

  2. My husband loves the Rock and Roller Coaster. I think it is one of his favorites. Last time we went to WDW, I was sitting having coffee and he came over and had just gotten off of the ride. He said I had to experience this ride. I went on and swore I would never go again. He laughed. We are leaving soon on a trip to WDW. We have it in the plans that he will ride this twice, while I wait or have coffee again. I have decided to go on Space Mountain with him, which originally I had decided to pass. I can’t wait. So exciting! All of the rest of the rides I love. Thank you, Heather for your posts. 🙂

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