Visiting my Disney friends

I started this blog to help big families (like mine) navigate Walt Disney World. I had no idea that blogging would lead to meeting new people and making new friends. What a wonderful surprise! This week, I had fun visiting with some of my Disney friends.

On the Geekin’ on WDW podcast, co-hosts Curtis and Lindsay invited me over to chat about visiting Disney World with a family of five, favorite Disney memories, and our top five scents in the World. Sounds like fun, right? Well, come on over here for a listen!

On Living a Disney Life, Lisa asked me to fill in on her blog for a day while she’s at Disney World. I was honored that she asked, and happily accepted. You can find my guest post here.

We all come from different areas of the country, but were brought together by our love of Disney. What a small world it really is!

Senior Class trip 1989. A different group of  Disney friends from those I have now!

Senior Class trip 1989. Though a different group of “Disney friends” from those I have now, each era has its own special memories!


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2 Responses to Visiting my Disney friends

  1. greenlisa9989 says:

    I love my Disney friends! Thanks again for guest posting this week for me, Heather! It’s great to go on vacation and know your friends are taking care of things for you while you’re gone.

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