It’s time to make the Mousekeeping envelopes!

DSC00504-sting ray towels

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Mousekeeping is awesome! It’s so nice to come “home” from the parks each night to a tidy room, freshly restocked toiletries and kitchenette supplies, and ~ Disney bonus! ~ towel animals. Plus, if you bring a few stuffed animal friends along for the trip (or pick some up as souvenirs), who knows what kind of hijinks (with a little help from Mousekeeping) they might get up to while you’re gone all day!

DSC00394-wes-window stuffies

For all that effort, your Mousekeepers deserve a little something special. Why not decorate a few envelopes in which to place their tips? It’s a fun pre-trip project, helps show your appreciation, and lets your Mousekeepers know that, yes, this tip is most definitely for them.


Do a little research before you go to find out the going rate, have fun making up your envelopes, and leave one out in your room each morning before you head for the parks. (Someone different may make up your room each day, and you don’t want to leave anyone out!) Spread the Mousekeeping love!


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