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You’ve probably heard of My Disney Experience  – the “online and mobile tools that make it easy to dream, plan and share—at home and on the go” (according to the Disney World website). Let’s see how this worked for us, shall we?

Pre-trip: Using my laptop, I was able to link our resort and dining reservations to my My Disney Experience (MDE) account. I was also able to link my brother’s MDE account to mine, which was great since we were going to be at Disney World together. Once our accounts were linked, we could see each other’s reservations and plans. I made our FastPass+ ride reservations promptly at the 60 days pre-trip mark, securing everything we wanted. I needed a bit of help getting everything coordinated (for example, if three of us wanted to do one ride, the other two of us wanted to do another ride, and then all five wanted to do a ride together), but a quick(ish) call to Disney’s IT department got this all straightened out.

During the trip: For the most part, things went smoothly with our FastPass+ reservations. However, we encountered two areas of the new system that need improvement:

1. The FastPass+ kiosks: Once you use your allotted, pre-reserved 3 FastPasses for the day, you must visit a FP+ kiosk if you wish to make more. You can’t make additional FP+ ride reservations from the MDE app, which I find frustrating. Hopefully, they will add this feature in the future. The kiosks themselves are a bit tricky. Their touch screens are difficult to use, and we usually had to ask a Cast Member for help.

2. The MDE mobile app: This worked great, at least for the first day of our vacation. On the second day, I made the mistake of installing an update to the MDE app. The app then stopped working. This happened while at Epcot, and I spent about two hours on the phone with various Disney IT employees trying to get it back up and running. The best they could come up with was to uninstall and reinstall the app. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. With the app not working properly, I could no longer check my FP+ and dining reservation times. I did find a work-around, but this shouldn’t be necessary. The MDE app should work in the parks.

This is not a good thing to see on an app that supposedly keeps track of your FP+ reservations.

This is not a good thing to see on an app that supposedly keeps track of your FP+ reservations.

So, our experience using MDE and FP+ was, overall, good. But there is definite room for improvement. How is Disney’s new system working out for you?


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