Disney Must-Do: Festival of Fantasy Parade

The newest Disney parade was high on my wish list for our last family trip to Disney World. I’d heard wonderful things about it and, I admit, even watched the parade online the day it premiered! I didn’t make a FastPass+ for it, but had a tentative plan for Day Five of the trip: catch the parade in Frontierland after using a FP+ on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. That plan was happily preempted when we strolled into the Magic Kingdom on Day Two at a little past 3:00. I knew that was the Festival of Fantasy Parade’s start time, but being on vacation, I didn’t have my eye on the clock. It was a lovely surprise to be strolling up Main Street when we realized the parade was headed our way. We quickly found a spot along the sidewalk (carefully, so as not to disturb those who had waited patiently for the parade), and enjoyed its splendor. If you get the chance to see this one, I highly recommend it (and I’m not much of a parade person)!

Here are a few pics captured from my last-minute, non-staked-out spot. They totally do not do justice to this parade’s magnificence.

Belle and Beast

Anna and Elsa







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