Disney Must-Do: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

7DMT entrance

The newest attraction in the Magic Kingdom is a delightful combination of family-friendly roller coaster (note: height requirement is 38″) and adorable dark ride. First, you swoop around outside, then you travel through the jewel-and-dwarf-filled mine, then back outside for a few more dips and curves. Due to its innovative system, the ride is incredibly smooth.

Two bits of caution, which I’d heard of prior to my trip and can confirm after riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train multiple times:

1. When you first embark, pull the safety bar down SLOWLY. If you push it down too far, there is no way to lift it back up. You’ll feel like you’re being squeezed for the entire ride, which can’t be pleasant.

2. The ride is quick. It lasts a little over two minutes, which seems to go by in a flash. If you’re taking a long enough trip, I’d recommend booking a FastPass+ for it on more than one day so you have a second (or third) chance to absorb the experience.

That said, it’s a fun, lovely, instant classic of a ride. I can’t wait to ride it again!

7DMT cottage


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