Holiday must-do: Jingle Cruise

Jingle cruise sign

The Jingle Cruise is the Jungle Cruise with a “holiday overlay.” From the WDW website:

“Join the homesick Jungle Cruise skippers as they set out on a holly jolly journey packed with shenanigans. Each year during the holiday season, your favorite Jungle Cruise experiences transform into the Jingle Cruise—a festive-yet-familiar adventure, from stem to stern! As you make your way through attraction queue to the boathouse and beyond, be sure to check out all the merry décor that’s been mailed to the skippers, or that they’ve created themselves. They’ve even added a few holiday jokes to their tours to help everyone get in the spirit!”

Jingle Cruise sign

Now, we didn’t get a chance to check out the holiday decor in the queue area, since there was no wait time whatsoever. (I guess taking a Jingle Cruise during the Wishes fireworks show on Wednesday night in mid-November is a good idea.) But we did have a fabulous time! At first, we thought we were going to be the only cruisers onboard. We were soon joined by a rowdy (in a nice way) group of 20-somethings celebrating a birthday. They were really into the cheesy humor! Our skipper was fantastic – often breaking out into spontaneous dance moves. It was a jolly holiday ride!

Jingle cruise dock

Have you taken the Jingle Cruise? What did you think?


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