Rides for Five: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Rounding out my update of Disney World rides that work well for parties of five, we visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here are the best rides for big families:

Kilimanjaro Safaris: This ride involves safari trucks with bench seating. All five of us used to fit comfortably in one row. Not it’s a bit tight, so we spread out over two rows if possible.

sarari vehicle

Kali River Rapids: The big, round raft seats 12 people, so we all fit just fine.

kali river rapids vehicle

Expedition Everest: You can only fit two people per row, but there are plenty of rows per ride vehicle, so we can do a 2-2-1 configuration.

everest vehicle

Dinosaur: Four people per row, 3 rows per vehicle. We won’t all fit in one row, but at least we’ll be in the same “time rover.”

dinosaur vehicle

The other rides at Animal Kingdom only fit 4 people per ride vehicle, leaving an odd man out. However, as I’ve mentioned before, we never let that stop us from riding – we simply find a way to make it work!

For the other posts in this series, see Rides for Five: Magic Kingdom, Rides for Five: Epcot, and Rides for Five: Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


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Published novelist and Disney World fanatic. Thanks for coming along on this wild ride!
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