Cruising gluten-free: setting things up pre-cruise

Walt Disney World is awesome for gluten-free dining, but I didn’t know what to expect from Disney Cruise Line. So I took to their website and ended up here:

click to enlarge

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I clicked the “Email” link, which took me to a contact form. After using this form to ask about gluten-free options onboard, I received a reply advising me to contact I did so, and received a phone call from a very helpful young lady named Jeanette. She told me that a notation about the gluten-free requirement was added to our reservation, answered all my questions, and followed up with a detailed email. Note that all of this occurred about six weeks pre-cruise. It eased my mind to know that my son would have safe food during our trip. If you’ll be cruising DCL with dietary restrictions, I recommend contacting Special Services ahead of time.


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