What the heck is a Fish Extender?

On every Disney Cruise Line ship, outside each stateroom door, there is a metal fish. The crew places mail here – reservation reminders, receipts, anything they need to communicate to you. Many people hang “fish extenders” from these metal fish. This can be as simple as a bag, or as complex as a custom-made series of pockets (one for each member of your family). If you wish to participate, before your cruise, join a Fish Extender group. During the cruise, you will exchange little gifts with the other members of your group. It adds a little extra pixie dust to the Disney cruise experience!

With my pre-cruise jitters, I thought this might be our only cruise ever. I didn’t want the boys to miss out on any of the magic, so I visited the DISboards to find a Fish Extender group for our cruise dates. I ordered our “FE” on Etsy and started researching FE gift ideas.


As we would be sailing the Caribbean, I decided to make up bags of pirate gold (AKA chocolate coins). We went around the ship on Pirate Night and delivered the booty to our FE group members.

FE gifts

We received all kinds of nice FE gifts, everything from necklaces to socks, from legos to Star Wars puzzles, from candy to rum. Some of the prizes were Disney-themed, others were nautical-themes, and others were specialty items from our fellow cruisers’ hometowns. It was delightful to come back to our stateroom and see what goodies had been left for us. I’m so glad we participated! And, if we ever go on another Disney cruise, we can re-use our Fish Extender to extend the fun!

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5 Responses to What the heck is a Fish Extender?

  1. Dear Mama says:

    WHAT…….!! We went on a Disney cruise this past May and I had no idea this was going on. I am SO GLAD you shared, we’ll definitely be participating next time. I love your FE and your gift was so clever!

  2. What a great and fun idea. I had never heard of this before. You’re right, a little extra pixie dust. 🙂

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