Cruising Disney: their service is the best!

You just might be familiar with the exceptional level of customer service to be found in Disney parks. That same standard is upheld – perhaps even exceeded – on a Disney cruise. One example: our stateroom host, Vikash, was amazing. He would occasionally check in on us to see if there was anything that we needed. He was always super kind and helpful. And, each night when we returned to our stateroom after dinner, we found it transformed into a cozy, welcoming space. On our bed would be a cute towel animal, the next day’s Personal Navigator, and enough chocolates to keep us all happy.

towel dino

Every evening, Vikash also transformed the “living room” section of our stateroom into the boys’ bedroom:

boys beds

Another example: Alyssa and Weston. We met these two wonderful young crew members right after we boarded, and then ran into them many, many other times during the course of our cruise. In fact, we saw them so often that we came to think of them as our friends. They’d ask us how our day went, we’d ask them what it was like to work for Disney. During one of our Mickey Mouse meet-and-greets, I even asked them to hop into the picture with the boys. They happily obliged:

A and W

Once home, I emailed DCL to let them know about Alyssa, Weston, and Vikash’s excellent service, along with several other outstanding crew members who made our first cruise truly magical.


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3 Responses to Cruising Disney: their service is the best!

  1. Sounds like you really liked the Disney cruise. Will you go again?

    • HFBrainerd says:

      We’d really like to go again. I think next time it might be a sea-and-land trip – a few days onboard and then a few days at Disney World. Disney cruises are quite expensive, so that would be one to save up for.

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