Cruising Disney: gluten-free dining with ease

When it comes to eating gluten-free, Disney Cruise Line is just as amazing as Walt Disney World. As a general rule, we felt safest taking our celiac son to the onboard table service restaurants, but you can find a good, safe meal at any of the onboard eateries.

Triton’s was the only table service restaurant open for breakfast and lunch each day, and they were only open for 1 1/2 hours for each of those meals. This meant we had to be careful with our timing, but it wasn’t a big deal. Each time we ate there, our server was fantastic about helping our son choose a safe meal. They even brought him gluten-free donuts as a starter every morning.

Breakfast at Triton's.

GF breakfast at Triton’s

Lunch at Triton's

GF lunch at Triton’s

Gluten-free food could also be found at the buffets and counter service locations. At each of these, just ask the person behind the counter for help, and they’ll call a manager over. At a buffet, the manager (or the chef) will go through the buffet with you to find out what you’d like, then will retrieve it from the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. At a counter service place, the manager will write down your order on a special pink order pad, and the chef will prepare it for you. I tried to hang around the counter and wait for these specially-prepared items, but was told that I could just have a seat and someone would bring it over. The best part: all of this was done with with a Disney smile. We never once felt like we were an inconvenience.

The delicious pizza from Pinocchio's Pizzeria

The delicious gluten-free pizza from Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

For more information on gluen-free dining both onboard and at Disney World, check out my guest appearance on The Disney Exchange podcast. Have you cruised gluten-free? I’d love to hear about your experience.


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