Disney Wonder: the theaters

There are two lovely theaters onboard the Disney Wonder: the Walt Disney Theatre, which has Broadway-style live shows, and the Buena Vista Theatre, which plays movies.

Walt Disney Theatre

I really enjoyed the first show we saw in the Walt Disney Theatre, All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin! It was a combination of a stage show and information about what to expect from a Disney cruise. Partway through the show, I noticed some gentle motion in the theater. Since it is located near the front of the ship, this made sense. On the second night of our cruise, we skipped the live show (it was a hypnotist). By night three, the seas were getting kind of rough. I didn’t really notice the boat’s motion too much until I was seated in the Walt Disney Theatre. As I watched Toy Story the Musical, motion sickness took hold, and I bolted out of the theater. Going to the midship area, I looked out a window and sighted the horizon, which helped. After that night, I decided to watch the remaining nightly live stage shows (The Golden Mickeys and Disney Dreams) on the TV in our stateroom.

Buena Vista Theatre

The Buena Vista Theatre plays Disney movies, including some that are first-run. While we were onboard, they were showing Guardians of the Galaxy, Strange Magic, Frozen, Into the Woods, Big Hero 6, and The Hundred-Foot Journey. I had big plans to watch at least three of these movies over the course of our 5-night cruise, but never got around to seeing even one of them. There were just too many great activities onboard!

Have you enjoyed the onboard theaters? What’s your favorite live show?


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