Cruising Disney: Dress Up Night!

My everyday outfit consists of yoga pants, a tunic T-shirt, and maybe a fleece. So boring! When I heard that Disney Cruise Line has a Dress Up Night, I was so excited! I even went out and bought myself a brand new fancy dress. 🙂

The evening was super fun! Before dinner, Mickey and Minnie were available in fancy attire for meeting and greeting and picture-taking.

dress up night 1

We even got to have our picture taken with Captain Fabian!

dress up night 2

(The above pictures are from our DCL photo book. More on that in my next post.)

Now, Dress Up Night is “optional,” but pretty much everyone participated to some degree. Do you enjoy dressing up for dinner?


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2 Responses to Cruising Disney: Dress Up Night!

  1. Heather, I do enjoy dressing up sometimes and would like to more when going out for dinner. In fact I’m going to mention this to Bill when he comes home from work. Lol! My family is pretty casual, but I think it nice for a change. It seems we mostly dress up for holidays, going to a play, ballet, special occasions. And on a cruise we always participate on the formal nights. They have the best food in the dining room. 😉

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