‘Til We Meet Again

The last night of our Disney cruise, there was a lovely farewell party in the atrium. First, Each character was introduced as they came down the grand staircases.

TWMA princesses

Then, all of the characters mingled. You could chat with, hug, and have your picture taken with all your favorites.

TWMA Peter Pan

Finally, they returned to the staircase area for one last wave goodbye.

TWMA wave

This was capped off by a burst of Mickey-shaped pixie dust. On the way back to our stateroom, I noticed one of the small Mickeys clinging to my arm. I kept it safe for the journey home, and it now resides in my jewelry box. My own little piece of the magic. 🙂

TWMA pixie dust

Have you been to the ‘Til We Meet Again party? What was your favorite part?


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5 Responses to ‘Til We Meet Again

  1. My husband and I want to go on the new cruise that Disney is going to have. It goes around the British isles. We have always wanted to go there and since we love Disney we thought hey now we could combine the two.

    • HFBrainerd says:

      We want to do that cruise, too. It doesn’t work for our schedule (or budget), but it sounds fantastic!

      • I have not seen the prices yet, but we want to save and do the cruise and then do a week at Disney World. We are not sure if it will fit in our budget either, but we shall see! For now though, we are just excited to go back to Disney World this year!

  2. Lovely post, Heather. What a Magical Disney Cruise!

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