Cruising Disney: disembarkation day :(


For all the cruise newbs out there (like me), here’s a quick run-through of disembarkation procedures on the final day of the cruise. First of all, any luggage that we didn’t want to carry off the ship with us had to be in the hallway outside our stateroom by 10pm on the final night of our cruise. We kept our carry-ons plus one suitcase with us, putting the other four suitcases in the hall. Next, we were given a breakfast time of 8am for the final day. This was perfect, as everyone on the ship had to be out of their staterooms by 8am at the latest. I got up at 6am, we hurried the boys along as best we could, and got out of the room by the stroke of 8. Whew!

Breakfast was in whichever restaurant you’d dined in the night before. For us, this meant Animator’s Palate. It was one last chance to gab with our awesome tablemates and wonderful service team before heading back to reality.

After breakfast, we noticed there was a VERY long line to disembark. We didn’t know how long this would take, so we made a pit stop before hopping in the line. You actually wait onboard until your disembarkation group is called (we were in the Green Tinker Bell group), but by the time we got in the line, all groups had been cleared to disembark.

The line finally started to pick up speed, we got through customs quickly, grabbed our luggage, and headed outside to catch a cab. All that day, I still felt like I was onboard a ship. The world swayed. It was a little disorienting, but kind of cool.

And thus concludes our first Disney Cruise adventure. Let me know if you have any questions!


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2 Responses to Cruising Disney: disembarkation day :(

  1. wxman0 says:

    Wow did that sound just like our vacation!

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