Hooray for Pop Century!

Pop Century’s rooms only sleep up to four people. So, why am I recommending it? Well, if you can get two connecting rooms, this is a great option for big families. The theming is fun, the food court has been updated since I was last there, and the bus service is better than some of the more expensive resorts I’ve stayed at. Here’s a quick photo tour:

pop sign

The '50s section

The ’50s section

more of the '50s

more of the ’50s

The '60s section

The ’60s section

The '70s section (where we stayed).

The ’70s section (where we stayed).

The '80s section

The ’80s section

more of the '80s

more of the ’80s

The '90s section

The ’90s section

The room itself was pretty basic, but clean and comfortable.

pop beds

pop dresser and fridge

pop vanity and bath

And here is the door that connects two rooms:

pop connecting door

The combination store/food court is pretty cool. We typically stop at our resort’s store before going to our room so that we can pick up milk and bottled water. Note that in this case, the refrigerated section wasn’t in the store itself, but way in the back corner of the food court area. It took a bit of looking, but we found it 🙂

pop - store and food court

Please note that, while Disney tries to accommodate requests for connecting rooms, they can’t guarantee it. This may dissuade some big families from choosing Pop Century. If you’re okay with taking a chance on that issue, I think Pop Century is a fantastic resort for big families!


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4 Responses to Hooray for Pop Century!

  1. glassslippergirl88 says:

    JUST transferred from Port Orleans to POP yesterday since we went from a party of four to a party of two! This makes me feel better about my decision!!

  2. Pop Century looks like a cool resort. We’ve always stayed at the All-Star resorts.

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