Art of Animation – the suites

Wow, I had such great feedback on my recent Art of Animation post, I decided to do a follow-up. As I mentioned before, I haven’t stayed at AoA, but felt this resort deserved a mention here on Disney For Five+ due to the fact that it’s a great place for big families. My writer friend Paul D. Smith offered up these lovely photos of his family’s stay in a Lion King suite:

Lion King dining room - the table converts to a bed!

Lion King dining room – the table converts to a bed!

Lion King living room - note the small kitchenette in the corner.

Lion King living room with sofa bed. The little kitchenette on the right also has a small sink.

Lion King bedroom.

Lion King bedroom. Grand total per suite: 3 sleeping spaces for 6 people.

Many thanks to Paul! Check out his debut novel here.

Another thank you goes out to my Disney friend Nicholas Maglio for sending me a link to his excellent, comprehensive review of Art of Animation. This article (which includes lots of great pictures of Nick and his wife Barbie’s stay in a Cars-themed suite) can be found here on The Disney Exchange, one of Nick’s many Disney endeavors. While you’re there, check out the fantastic podcast!

Thanks to all for your comments here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Disney fans are the best!


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2 Responses to Art of Animation – the suites

  1. Jenny W-K says:

    One of my favorite Disney Resorts, and we’re only a family of 3. We love the layout and having two full bathrooms is wonderful. My daughter and I share one bathroom, and my husband uses the other bathroom. We never have to worry about coordinating our time to get ready in the morning or before bed at night.

    Our daughter loves the vibrant colors throughout the resort. It’s a great place to be immersed in the Disney experience.

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