A Cruisin’ Reunion!

If you’ve read this post or listened to this podcast episode, you know how much we loved the Cast Members onboard our Disney cruise last February. Through the wonders of social media, we reconnected with one of them, which led to a quick little “reunion” during the first evening of our recent Walt Disney World vacation.

Cruise reunion

Why yes, I’m Disneybounding Haunted Mansion. Do you love it?

These three wonderful young people didn’t have to take time out of their Disney day to chat with us, and I’m so glad that they did. Since my son is already planning to be a Disney Cast Member someday, I love it when he gets the chance to talk to either current or former CMs. This great group is certainly an inspiration to him!


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2 Responses to A Cruisin’ Reunion!

  1. What a great ambition, a Disney Cast Member. And Heather, perhaps you won’t have to pay admission any longer to go to WDW!!! Cale would make a great cast member with his love of Disney! I’m rooting for him.

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