Pirate Props

I love Pirates of the Caribbean. The movies, the ride, the cosplay. You name it, I love it! During our last Disney trip, the POTC ride was closed for refurb. To get my Pirates fix, I visited the gift shop. The normally bustling shop was dead. So dead, in fact, that one of the Cast Members took me on a tour. A tour of a gift shop? Yup! It was fascinating. She informed me that they have four authentic props from the movies, and then proceeded to point out each one.

POTC coin

See that gold coin hanging on the right side of the above vase? According to the CM, this was an actual prop from the first POTC movie. As she told me, her voice filled with awe, “Johnny Depp touched that coin. Orlando Bloom touched that coin.”

We then moved to the barred window between the gift shop and The Pirates League. Looking into the pirate-makeover space, she pointed out two items on high shelves: a rolled-up map (that leads to the Fountain of Youth in the Pirates movies) and the actual “dead man’s chest” from – you guessed it – Dead Man’s Chest. I didn’t get pictures of these props as I couldn’t get close enough to them for good shots.

Lastly, she showed me a sword that was affixed to a ceiling beam and asked me to guess who it belonged to. Turns out it was Hector Barbossa’s. In utter delight, I called my son over. He has, after all, cosplayed as Hector on more than one occasion.

POTC Hector's sword

Were these truly props from the movies? I have no idea. But it certainly turned a visit to a dead-quiet gift shop into a pixie-dusted adventure!



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