How to use up Quick Service Meal credits

Our last trip to Disney World fell within the “free dining plan” timeframe. Since we stayed in a Value Resort, we qualified for the free Quick Service Dining Plan. With this, each person in your party receives 2 quick service meals plus 1 snack for each night of your trip. We don’t go through a lot of quick service meals (we tend to do a lot of meal sharing due to Disney’s decent portion sizes). Plus, we had two table service meals planned, and another that popped up unexpectedly. Towards the end of the trip, we realized we’d have about 20 unused quick service meal credits. What to do? Well, there’s a relatively new policy that lets you exchange 1 quick service meal credit for 3 snacks. You have to get all 3 snacks within the same transaction, and not all places have “the right kind of cash register” for this exchange. We were able to do this at the store and food court at All-Star Music, many gift shops, any confectionary location, and several counter-service restaurants. None of the locations around Epcot’s World Showcase allowed for this exchange (this may have changed by the time this post is published), which was a bit of a let-down considering we were “eating around the World.” To make use of our last 10 or so QS meals, we got this:

Disney candy

Not bad for free!!!

What do you think of the Disney Dining Plan? I wouldn’t pay for it, but love it when it’s free!


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2 Responses to How to use up Quick Service Meal credits

  1. We liked the Disney Dining Plan and thought it was excellent. Although I still haven’t lost the weight I gained from it, nine months later. I wish we would have the free dining plan when we return. How do you find out if they are offering it or not? Or does it have to be when you make the reservations?


    • HFBrainerd says:

      It doesn’t have to be in effect when you make the reservation. If the free dining plan becomes available, you can “re-book” to get the savings. Typically, it’s only offered in the fall (though we did get it in January once). To check WDW’s special offers, just go to their website, scroll to the bottom, and click on Special Offers. Here’s the link:

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