Kidani Village – so relaxing

Animal Kingdom Lodge is divided into two sections, Jambo House and Kidani Village. Jambo House is bigger and has more amenities, while Kidani Village has a cozier vibe. The path between them makes for an easy walk, though there is also a shuttle that runs between the two halves of the resort. We chose Kidani Village for our first DVC stay as DVC members because, well, by the time our purchase went through, our home resort of Bay Lake Tower was booked up for the holiday weekend visit we had planned. I’d really wanted to stay at BLT on this first official DVC vacation, but ended up being very pleased with Kidani. The lighting is warm and low, the finishes are gorgeous, and the theming is done to perfection. All in all, I found this to be a very relaxing, soothing place to stay. I look forward to future visits to Kidani Village.

Kidani entrance lanterns

The warm, welcoming environment embraced us as soon as we entered the lobby.

Kidani lobby

Our studio was beautiful, as well.

Kidani studio

Kidani wardrobe and dresser

Kidani bed

Kidani kitchenette

Kidani vanity

Kidani bath

We had a “standard” view, as it costs fewer points than a savanna view, and we intended to spend most of our time in the parks. Though we couldn’t see any animals from our balcony, the view was still quite lush.

Kidani view

The animal viewing area, just off the lobby, was really great. At one point, there were giraffes standing so close to us, we felt like we could reach out and pet them. (Though, of course, we didn’t!) I was so into the animals, I forgot to take any pictures. I highly recommend checking out this viewing area if you get the chance.

The bus service to and from Kidani Village was excellent. We never had to wait more than a few minutes for a bus, and the longest drive was 20 minutes (to Magic Kingdom). The buses typically stopped at Kidani first, then Jambo House, then went to the parks. However, on occasion, we would board an empty bus that would take us directly to the park without stopping at Jambo House.

This might not seem like an option for a big family, as the studio only sleeps up to four, but Kidani Village has one-bedroom villas that sleep up to five, as well as two-bedroom villas that sleep up to nine. For photos of the larger accommodations at Kidani Village, visit the Walt Disney World official site.

Have you ever stayed at Kidani Village? What did you think of it?

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2 Responses to Kidani Village – so relaxing

  1. Kidani is our DVC Home Resort and we LOVE IT!!! Very relaxing and quiet. Of course, it takes a little longer to get to the parks and other resorts, etc., but we think it;s worth it!

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