Beaches & Cream

As many of you already know, my son has celiac disease and cannot eat gluten. Walt Disney World is top-notch at accommodating special dietary needs such as his. I’d heard that Beaches & Cream Soda Shop was just as wonderful with special diets as the rest of WDW, so when my son requested this as his birthday dinner spot of choice, I didn’t hesitate to book it.

This was taken on Cale's actual 16th birthday!

This was Cale’s actual 16th birthday!

Now, Cale chose Beaches & Cream for his special day specifically because he wanted to try The Kitchen Sink. I had read that it could be modified to be gluten-free, and made sure to ask our server about this before we ordered anything. She assured me that any gluten-filled toppings would be left on the side, and that only gluten-free toppings would actually be in the “sink.” Well, when it arrived, it had all kinds of gluten toppings all over it!

The gluten-laden Kitchen Sink

The gluten-laden Kitchen Sink

A different cast member came over and told us that it cannot be modified to be gluten-free. I asked her to get some safe ice cream and toppings for my celiac son, and she seemed a bit put out by this, but eventually complied. So, he didn’t get to eat his Kitchen Sink on his birthday, but he did have a nice, big bowl of ice cream.


Once home, I contacted Disney World’s Special Diets department to let them know about our experience. They very promptly replied, assuring me that my concerns have been taken seriously and that they are reviewing their special diets process at Beaches & Cream.

Have you been to Beaches & Cream? How was your experience?

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  1. I hope you all have a better experience at Beaches & Cream next time around.

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